things to do Amsterdam

Dagje uit

Besides the great winter activities, there is much more to do. Amsterdam is known for its many museums and attractions. The locations are usually covered and therefore ideal during your city trip in the winter months. Below we have compiled a list of the best museums and attractions that are fun during your visit to Amsterdam.

Attractions in Amsterdam Centre

The centre of Amsterdam has the most museums and attractions. There is a fun activity for everyone. This often makes it difficult to make a choice. We have collected our favourite attractions and museums below. All attractions are located in the centre of Amsterdam and therefore easy to reach if you have a hotel in the centre of Amsterdam.


Van Gogh Museum

Moco Museum

ExtraCold IceBar Amsterdam

This is Holland

Heineken Experience

Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Attractions outside Amsterdam Centre

There are great attractions in the centre of Amsterdam, but there are some attractions just outside the city centre that are interesting to visit during the Winter Festival. Below are our favourite activities just outside the centre of Amsterdam.

FloriWorld Flower Experience

Zaanse Schans