things to do Amsterdam

Things to do

Besides the great winter activities, there is much more to do. Amsterdam is known for its many museums, attractions and nightlife. The locations are usually covered and therefore ideal during your city trip in the winter months. Below we have compiled a list of the best museums, attractions and nightlife that are fun during your wintertrip to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has great museums, attractions and a vibrant nightlife for young and old. During the Winter Festival, these locations are extra attractive to visit. Because it gets dark early, Amsterdam has a unique atmosphere with the illuminated canals and canal houses. Time to go out.


There are attractions for young and old in Amsterdam. The most popular attraction in Amsterdam is the canal cruise, but there is so much more to experience. Take a tour of the AJAX football stadium, fly over the Netherlands at This is Holland or take a selfie with one of the celebrities at Madame Tussaud. See our selection of attractions in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam is known for its many museums. From art museums to museums around a certain theme such as shipping. The museums often have special treasure hunts for children. All museums are indoors and in wintertime an ideal destination for a day out in Amsterdam. Check out our selection of the best museums in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam is also known for its extensive nightlife. Many restaurants, cafes and nightclubs are open until late at night. To get your evening off to a good start, there are also several options. We have made a selection of the best activities to start off your evening in Amsterdam.

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