Ice skating Amsterdam

Ice Skating in Amsterdam

As soon as the temperature in the Netherlands drops, the Dutch start to dream of the prospect of being able to skate on the canals in Amsterdam. Even if the canals don’t freeze this year, there are plenty of places in Amsterdam to practice your skating skills during the Winter Festival season.

Although ice skating on the frozen canals of Amsterdam is a magical winter experience, it unfortunately does not occur every year. The temperature must remain well below 0 degrees for 4 consecutive days to make the ice thick enough to skate over it. When conditions look good, boat traffic from certain channels is blocked. Fingers crossed that this is happening this year.

However, every winter visit to Amsterdam includes a visit to a skating rink. The experience is unique and you have a choice of different ice rinks. Below you will find the best spots for ice skating in Amsterdam during the Winter Festival.

Ice skating on Museumplein (Rijksmuseum)

Ice Skating on Museumplein at ICE Amsterdam.
Ice Skating on Museumplein at ICE Amsterdam.

Are you ready for a winter experience at one of the best locations in the centre of Amsterdam? Ice*Amsterdam is located on the Museumplein just in front of the famous Rijksmuseum. This temporary ice rink is fully decorated in winter theme with Christmas trees, a winter market, special lights and even a replica of the Skinny Bridge in Amsterdam. If you are not into ice skating you should definitely go for some drinks or food.

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Ice Skating in Amsterdam RAI

You will get the ultimate winter experience when you visit the Winter Paradise in the Amsterdam RAI. It’s basically a winter theme park for young and old. There are many activities like ice skating, snow slides, apres-ski, ferris wheel, cinema and much more. It is definitely a unique winter experience.

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Ice Skating on Rembrandplein

Ice rink Amsterdam( Ijsbaan Amsterdam) is located at the famous square Rembrandtplein in the centre of Amsterdam. Together with Ice*Amsterdam this Ice rink is decorated in the winter theme.

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Ice Skating on the Jaap Eden Ice Rink

The most known ice rink in Amsterdam is the Jaap Eden Ice Rink. It’s very populair with locals and tourists. When the ice rink opened in 1961 it was the third ice rink in the world that had a 400-meter track. If you like ice skating you should definitely visit the Jaap Eden Ice Rink.

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