Light Festival Amsterdam

Experience a spectacular evening cruise during Light Festival Amsterdam

Amsterdam is beautifully illuminated in the dark winter months and with the Light Festival this lighting gets an extra dimension. Various light artists show the most beautiful light artworks in the center of Amsterdam.

Due to the limitations related to the corona virus, the structure of the Light Festival is different this year. From December 10, 2020 to January 3, 2021, you can experience the Light Festival with the Light Walk. A 2 kilometer walking route through the city.

Experience the open-air light exhibition ‘When Nature Calls’ along a completely new route and visit one of the many activities during the ninth edition of Light Festival in Amsterdam! From November 26, 2020 to January 17, 2021, Amsterdam will once again be the stage for international light art for 53 days.

Bring your festival experience to a higher level and experience the festival from the water with a guide or audio tour. Join a cruise on the canals of Amsterdam with cosy and luxury boats. Each of the boats equipped with pillows, blankets, a bathroom and other luxuries making it a very stylish and extraordinary house on the water.

During the 75 minutes long cruise, guided by a friendly skipper you not only will enjoy amazing art pieces passing by but also will be able to have a welcome drink.

Price Light Cruise Amsterdam

Take your friends and family, jump in one of the boats and be ready for a different cruise experience! The price of a evening cruise is depending on the age. Check out the prices below:

Adult€ 29,95Buy tickets »
Kids (< 12 years)€ 12,50Buy tickets »

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